Die Formate der Fliesen aus Feinsteinzeug

Viele verschiedene Größen und Formate der Fliesen aus Feinsteinzeug

Emilgroup provides not only a vast assortment of colours, textures and decors but also a wide variety of porcelain stoneware sizes. In fact, every location needs different tile sizes, to meet the needs and tastes of all the different spaces’ users. Whether indoors or outdoors, or for residential or commercial locations, there are many alternatives and possibilities: a smaller covering size evokes a classical style and is ideal for creating interiors with a traditional spirit and a timeless appeal. Small tiles are suitable for surfaces of all dimensions and enable colours and patterns to be alternated very easily to create constantly fresh, striking installation layouts. Large tiles are suitable for spaces in minimal, contemporary, trendy style. The fact that they have fewer joints than smaller tiles helps to make spaces look larger, and they add value to any room. Choose the Emilgroup collections that speak to your emotions and be guided by your own individual taste. Always remember that outdoor contexts require tiles with a higher friction coefficient, while a semi-polished effect may be ideal for bestowing a special gleam on the location, increasing its depth and shine.
The sizes offered by Emilgroup are: 
- Small - up to 30 cm.
- Medium - from 30 to 90 cm.
- Large - from 90 to 120 cm.
- Large slab - 120 cm x 240 cm.
- Countertop - 160 cm x 320 cm.
- Extra-large - over 120 cm.
Particularly fine very small tiles can be found in the Eureka collection, inspired by marvellous Sicilian Stone, which amazes with its beauty and vibrancy. The different tile sizes, shades and decors enable you to give individuality to your bathroom or lounge, with a very interesting, distinctive mosaic effect.
Medium size tiles, on the other hand, are suitable for those looking for a middle way in sizes, and who wish to create continuity between different spaces in the same location.
The large slab size is excellent for outdoor use, where coverings are more exposed to the weather.